June 19th, 1989 – Queen Story!
Queen released ‘Breakthru’ bw ‘Stealin’’ in the UK
Taken from ‘The Miracle’ album, thirteenth studio album released in May 1989

🔸”It’s the prime example what we were talking about before, I mean, the track ‘Breakthru’ sort of stemmed from Roger, really, it’s basically his track. But the sort of a capella vocal bit in front was from someone else, as we’ve said: we have 30 tracks, and that was a little piece that I thought was quite good, and I didn’t want it to go amiss, and I just said, ‘Oh, well, we’ll just put it in front of “Breakthru”.’ It’s basically another song, sort of seem to go away quite nicely, so, we just snipped it.”

  • Freddie Mercury, interview with Mike Read, BBC Radio One, 29/05/1989

🔸”Breakthru” is two songs joined. “A New Life Is Born,” an unreleased song written by Freddie Mercury is lhe slow vocal harmony during the first half minute was originally . The remainder of the song is written by Roger Taylor, with contributions from the rest of the band

  • ‘Stealin’ (b-side) written by Freddie Mercury

Pic: June 1989 – Queen photo session of promotional video “Breakthru” (from the album ‘The Miracle’)
‘Breakthru’ promotional video; director The Torpedo Twins; Filming Location Nene Valley Railway, Cambridgeshire, UK

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