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Oct 21
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29 June 1979 Queen released an acoustic version of ‘Love of my Life’ from their 1979 album, ‘Live Killers.’ It was recorded during their concert at Festhalle, Frankfurt, 2 February 1979. The B-side is ‘Now I’m Here’ from the same album.

‘Love of My Life’ was written by Freddie Mercury for the 1975 iconic album, ‘A Night At The Opera.’ He wrote this piece on the the piano and Brian plays the harp on the original recording but he has rearranged the song for acoustic 12-string guitar and that’s how it’s performed during live concerts.

This sentimental song was Introduced during the ‘News of the World Tour’ in 1977 and became an instant fan favorite. It has been played at nearly every Queen concert. It became popular especially in South America and the ‘Live Killers’ version was released as a single in that country too. After Queen performed the song in South America in 1981, it hit # 1 on the singles chart in Argentina and Brazil, and stayed on the charts in Argentina for an entire year.

“‘Love Of My Life’ is adapted on stage for guitar, but it was written on the piano. I’ve totally forgotten the original and if you asked me to play that now, I couldn’t. Sometimes, I have to go back to the music sheet, and I can’t read that well either!”

Freddie Mercury Interview with Melody Maker – 02/05/1981

Freddie once said, “‘Love Of My Life’ is a lovely little ballad. My classical influence comes into that one. Brian plays real harp on it. I remember thinking, “I’m going to force him to play until his fingers drop!”

An interviewer from On The Record in 1982 asked Brian if he actually learned to play the harp just for this song, his response: “Learning would be too strong a word. I did it chord by chord. Actually, it took longer to tune the thing than to play it. It was a nightmare because every time someone opened the door, the temperature would change and the whole thing would go out. I would hate to have to play a harp on stage. I just figured out how it worked – the pedals and everything – and did it bit by bit.”

“Everywhere we’ve been in the world, they know how to sing Love Of My Life – it’s amazing to watch with so many people.” – Freddie

Brian admitted in an interview last year that Freddie was “brought to tears” of joy by Argentina’s response to ‘Love of My Life.’ He said, “I think it’s the moment when we first realised that they knew ‘Love of My Life.’ Not only knew it but would sing it. And not only would they sing it but would sing it with a passion that brought tears to our eyes. It was a monumental thing because that song wasn’t the biggest thing in the rest of the world.”

During Queen’s current concerts, Brian sings the vocals while playing acoustic guitar and he dedicates this beautiful song to Freddie and it becomes a touching tribute. Brian has admitted that ‘Love of My Life’ is the song that makes him feel closest to Freddie’s spirit when performing today nearly 30 years after his death.
The audience sings a huge portion of the song and it causes Bri to get rather emotional. A virtual Freddie appears on a screen behind Brian to sing the last verse. 😭

The B-Side “Now I’m Here’ was written by Brian May while he was in the hospital recovering from medical issues the previous year (1974) for their third studio album, “Sheer Heart Attack”‘

In 1974 Queen supported the band ‘Mott the Hoople’ in America. This tour provided the inspiration for this song – hence meeting a girl named “Peaches” Bri has mentioned this detail on his website.

“That was nice, “Now I’m Here.” That was a Brian May thing. We released it after “Killer Queen”. And it’s a total contrast, just a total contrast. It was just to show people we can still do rock ‘n’ roll – we haven’t forgotten our rock ‘n’ roll roots. It’s nice to do on stage. I enjoyed doing that on stage.”

Freddie Mercury

“Now I’m Here” was a fixture on Queen’s set lists, being performed on every concert tour from 1974 “Sheer Heart Attack” until the band’s final tour “Magic” in 1986. Today, it’s still included on the Queen + setlist

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