11 May 1974, Queen performed their sixth and final concert at the Uris Theatre 🎭 in New York, New York, USA 🇺🇸 “Queen ll Tour” Supporting Mott The Hoople

This would also be the last time Queen would open for Mott The Hoople. During the encore of Mott’s set, Queen joined them to provide backing vocals on ‘All The Young Dudes.’

Shortly thereafter, Brian May collapsed from pain. It turns out he had developed hepatitis from a tainted needle he received when the band got their required inoculations before going to Australia in January, and he had been in considerable pain throughout this tour. It soon developed into gangrene, and at one point there was a chance that his arm would have to be amputated. The band were forced to abandon the rest of the shows on the tour.

Many years later, Roger Taylor recalled the day: “Poor Brian was yellow, bright yellow, and I was amazed we managed to shepherd him through the immigration queue at JFK in New York. The poor fellow could hardly stand and we got him on the plane, got him home, and got him to hospital. He was very ill. We were devestated. The tour had been cut short, you know, cos it was our first trip to America, so there were mixed feelings about that, but also very worried about Brian on the other hand.”

The US prog rock band Kansas replaced Queen in the opening slot. At the show in Detroit on May 20 (just prior to the release of the first Kansas album), there was no announcement that a different band was opening up for Mott The Hoople. A fair portion of the crowd was there for Queen, so Kansas ended up playing to constant boos and shouts for Queen. After a song or two, one of the members of Kansas grabbed the mic to shout, “Queen’s not here, so shut the f**k up and listen.”

A proposed Queen tour of North America for September would also be postponed until the new year.

While recovering in hospital, Brian would write a few songs while the band worked in the studio on their next record. During this time, Brian was approached by the band Sparks to join them, which he declined. He was committed to Queen, although worried that they might let him go. Of course the thought didn’t even cross their mind, as Brian was such a key element of their unique sound. After he regained his health he would join them to finish their third album, ‘Sheer Heart Attack.’

Source: Queen Live

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