20 September 1979 – Queen filmed their video for “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” at Trillion Studios, London, UK. The video was directed by Dennis De Vallance.

Dennis collaborated with Freddie which resulted in an all time classic. A break from the traditional performance based piece, the video saw the first appearance of professional dancers in a Queen promo. As Brian stated in retrospect: “A bit of a departure for Queen, to have girls dancing – and boys dancing, which I don’t think we were that comfortable with really.”

Like the song itself, the video is an intentional pastiche of the beginnings of rock ‘n’ roll, with Freddie as the greased biker who gets the girl. He cavorts about the stage with scantily clad male and female dancers, while the band play on at the back of the set. A last minute addition to the piece came in the form of eight pairs of clapping hands sticking up through holes in the catwalk during the relevant section of the song. There were no extras available, so members of Queen’s personal staff filled in, taking a bottle of whiskey under the stage with them to while away the tedium of multiple takes, with obvious results. It is perhaps a miracle that De Vallance managed to capture the claps in perfect time.

What is perhaps most clear about the video is that Freddie was truly enjoying himself. As he once claimed, “In terms of videos, I like to have fun in them. I think if you do that then it comes across. I can’t just sit in a chair and knit a blouse!”

Brian’s followers should also take note – on this song, Brian played a Telecaster that belonged to Roger, but in the video it was a brand new Telecaster which he went on to use whenever he played the song on stage.

This Freddie Mercury, Elvis inspired, rockabilly classic would become one of Queen’s biggest hits! It would own the #1 slot for four weeks in America. Impressive! Freddie has stated this song took him a mere 10 minutes to write and in the bathtub. Genius!