“At first I thought it was only going to be the one track, but then she said, ‘Let’s make an album’. I thought, ‘My God, what am I going to do now?’ You just don’t turn the Super-Diva down. I thought I’d better put my money where my mouth is. It was such a different thing to do. I’m glad I did it. It was totally un-rock ’n’ roll, and something that really required a lot of discipline.”

“I don’t know how Queen fans will react to this. I’ll soon find out. It’s a very hard album to categorise. You can’t put it under any label, can you? The worst thing they can call it is ‘rock opera’ – which is so boring.”

Freddie Mercury

Montsy called Freddie her ‘Number One’ and he referred to her as his ‘Super-Diva’