Queen and producer Reinhold Mack pose with a couple of Playboy Bunnies during a platinum record presentation in honor of Queen’s eighth studio album, “The Game” in 1981.

The incredible album topped the UK and US charts and would go on to sell an estimated 12 million copies worldwide.

‘The Game’ became the only Queen album to reach No. 1 in the US, and became their best-selling studio album in the US, with four million copies sold to date, tying with the sales for News of the World.

As Brian May recalls, it meant the band began the 80’s in a position that ten years previously, they could only dream about….

He said: “We kind of became the biggest group in the world, at that moment. You know it’s a fleeting moment because someone else will come and take over, but for that moment, we kind of owned the world.”

Two massive number one hits also came from ‘The Game’ – ‘Freddie Mercury’s ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ and John Deacon’s ‘Another One Bites The Dust’