Queen kicks off a new tour and released a highly successful album….

30 June 1980, Queen launched their longest tour of North America, ‘The Game’ tour!! it kicks off in Vancouver, Canada @ The Pacific Coliseum to an enthusiastic audience of 17,500! The band also show off their new lighting rig – the “Bic razor” rig. It was the first moving lighting rig ever assembled!

Freddie also shocks fans with his new image, a mustache which became his trademark.

“Freddie had some great-looking girlfriends and we were all jealous. Then he grew the moustache, we got more publicity out of him growing that than if we’d all ridden naked down Oxford Street on an open-top bus.” – Roger Taylor 2011

The band also released their eighth studio album, ‘The Game’ in the UK and USA, which was a huge success on both sides of the pond! The album scored two big number one hits in the US… Freddie Mercury has said this is his favorite album.

Queen were definitely Rock Royalty as ‘The Game’ would go on to sell an estimated twelve million copies! Bring on the 80s!!!

📸 Freddie and Brian are pictured in Vancouver 30 June 1980, pictures were taken by Allan Tuomi