12 July 1980, Queen performed their fourth and final evening (8,9,11,&12)at the famed LA Forum in Inglewood, California 🇺🇸 “The Game Tour”

The band were only originally scheduled for two shows but due to overwhelming ticket demand, the 11th and 12th were added. Queen played four Sold-Out shows!

Freddie, after the third song: “This is our last night at the Forum, and we’re gonna bust our balls for you. So stick around.” He then introduces John Deacon’s new composition, ‘Need Your Loving Tonight,’ which is now much earlier in the set.

Freddie’s final line of Get Down Make Love is as raunchy as it’d ever get, coming very close to the vibe of the studio version. He then engages with the audience: “Do you think this moustache makes me look like Burt Reynolds? Fat arsehole. I bet he gets more chicks than I do, anyway.” Audience members threw razors on stage on some nights of this tour in protest.

Once again, Freddie does a few ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ ad libs in ‘Now I’m Here.’

Brian adds a uniquely heavy touch to the interlude after the first chorus of ‘Keep Yourself Alive.’ Freddie then delivers the second verse brilliantly.