23 July 1982 – Billy Squier “Emotions In Motion” album released, Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor provided backing vocals to the title track, ‘Emotions In Motion,’ the song was written by Billy Squier.

One of Billy Squier’s best. The track itself is very bass and dance heavy, but still manages to keep somewhat of a rock feel. Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor provide backing vocals. Freddie’s vocals are particularly recognizable in the background, while Roger singles the chorus with Billy. Recorded in January 1982, Munich, during the Hot Space sessions and released in the summer.

“I was a fan of Queen from their first album and had met them when they were working in America. Freddies Mercury taught me a lot about how to create music. He always treated me with great respect and talked me up to loads of people, and that helped my career no end. Freddie was the person who gave me confidence in how I performed. We were very close friends; he was a very special person to me and it was a privilege to know Freddie. I miss him so much.”

Billy Squier

Pictured: Queen with Billy Squier and drummer Bobby Chouinard (26 June 1953 – 8 March 1997) in USA for Hot Space Tour – 1982