13 May 1982, Queen performed a second night at Stadthalle in Vienna, Austria 🇦🇹 “Hot Space European Tour”

According to an early tour itinerary, this second night was not initially planned but later added due to overwhelming ticket demand.

The performance on the second night is just as stunning as the first. But strangely, this is the only show of the year where the band don’t play an up-tempo rocker (‘Tie Your Mother Down,’ ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ or the fast ‘We Will Rock You’) between ‘The Hero’ and ‘Action This Day.’

Brian breaks a string right at the end of ‘Somebody To Love,’ leading to some interesting whammy effects from him on the final fanfare of the song.

Tonight is the first live airing of ‘Body Language,’ in place of ‘Back Chat.’ It sounds very much like the studio version, as it would a couple nights later in Berlin. In North America and Japan later in the year, however, it would be a much more guitar-driven, shortened version.

Freddie, after ‘Under Pressure’: “That was a song that we did together with a friend called David Bowie, and one day, one of these nights we might do it together on stage. What do you think?” The audience definitely approves of the idea. “You never know, time permitting we might do it.” But they never would.

Freddie, as he had done many times earlier in the tour, improvises ‘Back Chat’ when it wasn’t in the setlist. Tonight he has his fun in the middle section of ‘Another One Bites The Dust.’

‘Sheer Heart Attack’ has returned to the encore.

The beautiful pictures were taken by Rainer Rygalyk.

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