“They can say I do this or that wrongly, but I’m the ultimate judge. Depending on the night, I just do what I want. I don’t know how those ballet people do it – the same steps every night! I couldn’t perform in that framework. I like to have the freedom of the stage and run around a bit, but when I saw the stage designs for the Magic tour I thought, “Oh my god!

What am I going to do?

I’ll need roller skates to go from one side to the other.” I didn’t want to let anyone down though, so at first I just didn’t want to do the tour. But I think it’s all in the mind.

Even though I thought I should go and do all this training, in the end I just thought, “Oh f**k it! I’ll just will myself into doing it.”

So I did a few press-ups, and although the first three or four shows were agony, my muscles started working and after that it was fine.
I’m glad I did that tour because it was one of the most successful tours that we’d ever done and I’m glad I took the plunge”

Freddie Mercury