Obviously, Freddie left a tremendous impression on me. I, for one, wanted to continue this friendship, or at least keep Freddie and Phoebe as pen pals. I decided to contact Phoebe, whose address I was given, I mailed him a thank you card which included a cut-out relief of the New York City skyline.

I praised Peter for making everything happen smoothly and praised him for his outstanding care and organization skills for Freddie. By the way, Freddie told me he loved New York. I was soon to find out just how much. I had no idea if I would receive a response. After all, Freddie was an international superstar and what would he or Peter, although being very cordial, want with me.

Well, once month later, I received a wonderful letter from Peter, speaking for Freddie and indicating that Freddie was up for another meeting during the American portion of his upcoming performances. Peter said that Freddie would base himself in New York for his American/Canadian East Coast concerts, the most important being Montreal, this show would be taped.

I asked Peter if Freddie would want to meet my three best friends for some late night “pub crawling” with all of us. The answer was, “YES.”

A meeting was planned, and for the third time, I would meet up with Freddie. This time, however, with my entire posse.

Freddie liked each one of my friends and then took the initiative to invite us all to his hotel for Sunday brunch and cocktails at the Helmsley Palace Hotel. Everyone, including Peter, had a great time, and it became obvious that Freddie wanted to continue a friendship with me and my friends. (A friendship that sustained for the rest of his life)

Thor Arnold
Don’t Stop Us Now in New York

Thor and Freddie pictured having a good laugh!
This is how we love to see Freddie, himself and having fun !