Queen was one of the very few bands that knew how to survive. I think Freddie always really knew what he could get away with, what the public would take. He was ahead of everybody else like that. He was just one of those fantastic guys. He loved the life. Loved the music business, lived for it. He worked at it every day. Never stopped. Enjoyed it. He’d never have stopped. His records may have become a little less frequent but he’d have never given it up. He never blamed the record company if a record wasn’t a hit. He knew when a record wasn’t happening. You never got any grief out of him, like it’s everyone’s fault but his.

EMI was a good record company for him. He got his own way with most things because because he was usually always right. Jim Beach did a fantastic job for him too, he really understood that Freddie had the rightest creative instincts that anyone could have had. The videos may have been wild but the records always stood on their own. If one didn’t work, get another one out. No recriminations. They got on with it. No one song was ever so special that he said:‘” That’s it … I’ll never do better than that!” With him, it was always onto the next. Lots of artists never recover from a big record like Bo Rhap. Freddie did and just got on with the next and the next.

David Munns
General Manager of EMI in the early seventies