5 September 1984, Queen performed their Second of four Sold-Out shows at Wembley Arena, London, England “The Works” tour

Tonight is Freddie Mercury’s 38th birthday, and it presents a very warm atmosphere in the arena throughout. Before ‘Staying Power’ the audience sing Happy Birthday to him, but it wouldn’t be the first reference to the occasion.

The audience sing Happy Birthday again before ‘Love Of My Life,’ but Freddie is off the stage for a moment, as Brian quietly says, “It’s not my birthday.” He adds, “I’m sorry, he’s gone home. It’s his birthday.” He diddles on his 12-string for a second, and continues, mentioning “Our mine of useless information tonight.” He says this because he already told the story about his new electric classical guitar before the last song. “We just heard tonight that The Works went to five hundred thousand in Britain. Thank you for buying it!”

Brian then begins ‘Love Of My Life’ with the audience, and Freddie comes back on stage to sing the second verse. Before he can begin, someone hands him a birthday gift, to which he asks, “What is it, a jock strap?” He and Brian then perform the second verse, after which the song is interrupted again as someone else has a birthday card for Freddie. He says, “Someone sent me a card. I gotta open it, so hang on a minute.” Stopping a concert to open a gift is something few performers could get away with! He reads it to himself, and says, laughing, “I can’t read this. It’s even too filthy for me!” They resume the song, and in the bridge, after “When I grow older,” Freddie quickly adds “Thirty-eight”, and continues along. 💛

After the song, the audience sing Happy Birthday once again, and Freddie briefly replies this time. “Thank you, thank you. Let’s get on with it.”

The picture is of Freddie opening his ‘naughty’ letter