‘Control’ was a word by which Freddie had always run his own life and dealings, in the business, artistic and social arenas. He always had to be in charge otherwise he would not feel comfortable. He was also a bon viveur. It takes a rare talent to enjoy life as Freddie did. Although, for himself, he thought that eating, sleeping and shaving were the worst wastes of time, the planning of the elaborate menus and bountiful drinks he generously gave at his dinner parties was very important to Freddie, especially when Garden Lodge, his home, pride and joy, was fully available for him to celebrate his great good fortune with the ones he loved, fortune he never took for granted. 💛

Peter Freestone

Freddie always said he was ‘manipulative’ because he wanted his people, his close friends, around him a lot but and into his world but, I also hope he knew how fortunate those were, to be around him and enjoy how much he cared about them and all the happiness he brought them, and that exciting and interesting life… We can only dream about it!.

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