“In Munich, I often witnessed Fred’s magical way of summoning creativity. When he was looking for a word, a phrase, a chord, an idea, a memory or anything that could contribute to his work, he would bow his head and hold his hands by the side of his head, his fingers spread slightly. Then he would waggle his hands and fingers slightly – as if they were vibrating.

If sitting, he would put his elbows on the table and focus his eyes downward, all the time his splayed hands trembling and vibrating as if they were antennae tuning in to an unseen force. He would mutter to himself and it would not take long before he found what he was looking for and he would stand sharply and slap his hands together with a crack, usually with a loud shout of ‘YES!’
It was quite remarkable”

Peter Hince from ‘Queen Unseen’

Picture: 1979 – Freddie Mercury in control room, taken by Peter Hince

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