10 April 1982, Queen performed at The Johanneshovs Isstadion In Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪
“Hot Space Tour”

Queen now have a brand new opening to the show. A tape of Flash is heard and the venue is dark with only rotating spotlights. Then the lights focus on Brian, Roger, and John as they begin playing at the part of the song just before it breaks down at “Just a man with a man’s courage,” but instead the energy rises as they play the part with intensity. They then seamlessly jump into (a quicker and more energetic than before version of) The Hero as Freddie makes his arrival on stage.

They have a new keyboardist, Morgan Fisher, playing in the background. Morgan is probably best known for being a member of Mott The Hoople in the 70s, including when Queen opened for them on a couple tours.

This gig in particular is a very unique and experimental one. Freddie’s voice is a little rough for the first few songs, but it soon settles down, allowing him to deliver a great show. He does seem a bit uneasy throughout, although he’s bravely attempting some notes he doesn’t usually go for. It’s apparent that the band are a little nervous at times tonight, as they haven’t quite settled into the new setlist yet.

Action This Day is heard every night through the end of the year, and Staying Power is performed on most nights of the European tour and a few more times in July and August in North America. The latter is arranged very differently to have a more straight-ahead rock feel compared to the Hot Space version. John Deacon funks it up on a Telecaster, and side-man Morgan Fisher takes care of the bass part on keyboards. Brian’s guitar is especially prominent in the song, as he plays the synth and selected horn lines with precision on guitar every night.

“It didn’t start off so f***ing well!” shouts Freddie after he attempts the first line of Save Me, since Brian doesn’t start on the piano with him. It sounds a bit different now with the fifth man on stage. Brian now switches to the guitar at the first chorus instead of the second, and during the second verse the keyboard is heard. Keyboards would augment songs like Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Under Pressure, but it can be said that Save Me now doesn’t build up like it used to – although it is now a slightly heavier rendition of the song which works well with the sound Queen would have on this tour, particularly in North America later in the year. Also, Fisher now takes care of the middle eight on keyboard instead of Freddie doing it on piano. Gallery link

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