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Dec 21
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2 October 2006 – EMI issues “Freddie Mercury Talking To David Wigg” Audio Book. The David Wigg interviews.

David: People are obviously going to say, and I have to ask you this because you’re doing your own solo thing, people are going to say ‘oh, are you going solo and leaving Queen?

Freddie: Well I mean, you know, there is going to be other stuff at the moment, no such thing, no, I wouldn’t want to, trying to plan a tour, yes, I think we’re gonna go to South Africa for a start, which we’ve never been, and yes

David: Controversial, isn’t it?

Freddie: Yes

David: Now why are you doing that, you don’t mind doing that?

Freddie: No because, no because I, I personally want to go to places I’ve never been. You know, I mean, it’s, to me, it’s, it’s people, you know. Music should er, go, go to, go all around the world, it doesn’t matter, I mean I want to go to Russia and China and places like that, places I haven’t been, you know, before it’s too late, so um

David: You’re not too late, are you?

Freddie: Well before I’m prying like, I end up in a wheelchair, can’t do anything there (laughter) and I’ll still wearing my same tight skin leotard. I can imagine them wheeling me out in a wheelchair on two pianos still singing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (laughter)

David: With all these people rushing off getting married, Freddie, do you feel like doing something that?

Freddie: No, you know that!

David: Well I know that, but I have to ask you as a journalist about marriage (Freddie: no) no marriage?

Freddie: No, I love being free, I want to break free, I love that (David: that was very good) I want to be free (David: yes, yes) free as a bird. I think I’ve just gotten too used to it, do you know, to be honest, I think after, I just feel I’m having such a good time I’m not gonna do it, and I think, like Elton, I mean, I think we’re the same age, I mean, when I reach forty or something you never know, it’s, it’s people change, and suddenly you want to sort of settle down or whatever and have babies just like he did, I think he just, he got there a bit quicker, I thought he’d of waited, you never know, it could happen, it could happen. I really can’t see myself being married but um (David: no), at the same time I’m (David: you wouldn’t rule out having children) exactly, yes, exactly, so I mean you know, you never, it’s different now, at the moment if I wanted children I could just go out and buy one. Buy two, you get a nanny thrown in (laughter)

David: But do you actually enjoy it all still Freddie, I mean, like, you were just saying how many years

Freddie: Oh yes, otherwise, otherwise I would do something else, otherwise I’d go into painting or something, of course I enjoy it, I do enjoy it, I enjoy every bit of it, I’m not afraid of saying, I enjoy the money of course, most people would say ‘I’m not in it for the money or whatever’, I love the money, that’s what keeps me going, but at the same time, after, after twelve years of, of, of a certain respect (David: yes), musically, I’m not just gonna give it up, you know, the only way I’m gonna stop is for people to stop buying my records, I’m gonna say to myself one day, that look, it’s, it’s not happening, I’m not gonna be one of those old hams that keep going and going until you know, if I feel I’m, I’m sort of on the way down I’m just, just give it up, I’d rather leave it at the top (David: yes) I’m one of those people yes, just, and do something else

David: Yes, yes, do, how are, how’s the relationship within the group, I mean um, are they

Freddie: Well we hate each other (laughter). It’s OK, it’s OK, I think we’re just sort of grown so used to each other by now it’s just, it’s just instincts that keep us going, and, and basically, four people that work together, there’s no sort of, no, no big bond or sort of

David: No?

Freddie: No

David: You don’t socialise?

Freddie: I don’t socialise with them that much because I mean we do, we do socialise, or we used to socialise so much when we were on tour, because we were always seeing each other and it’s, it’s sort of, in any, in any sort of, anybody’s life, you know, you get the same people hanging around and they drive you mad. This is the thing that keeps us going, musically we still respect each other, but otherwise I mean we have four very different characters, and we, you know, it doesn’t matter, you know, as long as, if, if musically we don’t get on, then that’s when, you know, it starts, that’s when tempers, I mean tempers do um, fly anyway, but um, it’s just in the end, if you can’t, if you can’t stand the other person being in the same room musically, then you have to see out of it, definitely, because I mean it’s just torture

David: Mmm. Are you in love with anyone at the moment?

Freddie: Wouldn’t you die if, wouldn’t you die if I said myself (laughter)

David: Well, why not

Freddie: No, no, it’s not so much, I think I’ve learnt to come to grips with myself (David: yes), maybe that was the thing, I mean before I was sort of blaming it on everybody else and er, I think taking this time off did work, and it sounds so clichéd doesn’t it (David: no) I sound like some Gloria Swanson talking to you

David: Well she lasted a long time (laughter)

The David Wigg Interview extraction above is from from the “Freddie Mercury Talking to David Wigg” audiobook, year of interview is 1984

David Wigg was more of a friend to Freddie than a journalist, and rather uniquely a journalist whom Freddie trusted, many of these interviews are far more personal and revealing than others, including Freddie’s relationships and the threat of AIDS which would have been unthinkable with other journalists, given his early treatment by the press.

The amazing pictures are from Freddie’s 39th unforgettable birthday bash in Munich 5 September 1985

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