These days ….. May 1991, Freddie Mercury with Queen working on new songs during his last recording sessions, including ‘Mother Love’, at Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland.
(Source: Queen History Brian May web)

Brian May and Roger Taylor recalling Freddie’s final vocals:

“Write me stuff… I know I don’t have very long; I want to do this. He was focused. Keep writing me words, keep giving me things I will sing, then you can do what you like with it afterwards, you know; finish it off’ and so I was writing on scraps of paper these lines of ‘Mother Love’, and every time I gave him another line he’d sing it, sing it again, and sing it again, so we had three takes for every line, and that was it…”

“Freddie’s vocals especially towards the end were surprisingly strong at times. I don’t know where he got the energy from, probably the vodka. He would get in the mood, do a little warm up then say, ‘Give me my shot.’ He’d swig it down ice cold. Stolichnaya, usually. Then he would say, ‘Roll the tape’. He would only have moments where he was OK, and he could prop himself up and sing. But he was eager to work. He loved to work. It was the thing that really made him smile.”

“He still had astonishing power in his lungs at that point, I really don’t know where it came from. The song ‘Mother Love’ starts low and gentle, but Freddie chose to push himself and go higher. We looked at each other and knew there was a mountain to climb. That’s when the vodka really went down. He said, ‘I will hit these notes.’ And he did. It was a wonderful performance.”

“Inside the studio, there was a sort of blanket around us, and he could be happy and enjoy what he liked doing best.
We had a lot of laughs, and a huge amount of fun because it was a safe place for him.”

The other members of the band worked on their last recordings for ‘Made in Heaven’ while Mercury rested in his apartment. “We always ate together. That was lovely.”

“He sang the verses of “Mother Love” and when we got to the last verse, he said ‘I’m not up to this, and I need to go away and have a rest, I’ll come back and finish it off tomorrow …’ and he never came back. That was the last time I saw him in the studio.”

  • Brian May

Roger Taylor notes in the Days of our Lives documentary:

“I’m hearing Freddie’s voice getting… weaker. But I mean he still hits all the notes. There’s an absolutely spine-chilling note in the middle of “Mother Love” (“out in the city, in the cold world outside, I don’t want pity, just a safe place to hide”) which is just a great bit of singing.”

The final verse of ‘Mother Love’ was written and sung by Brian May.

“Mother Love” Freddie’s final recording – Co- written by Brian May and Freddie Mercury. It’s a track included on Queen’s fifteenth studio album, ‘Made in Heaven’

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