Interviewer: What’s it like looking out over all that huge amount of people?

Freddie: Well, it’s mind boggling you know, um, to me it’s just like a housewife, to be honest. I just go out there, just go out there and do my job and then come home!

Interviewer: Surely it can’t be like being a housewife.

Freddie: Well, you know what I mean. It’s just a job to me anyway, but it’s, it’s mind boggling, what can I do? It’s quite amazing. You saw those people there!

“When you out to a crowd as large as that and the event, the adrenaline just takes you over. So, I guess I was cavorting around a bit more than usual.”

“The Government actually wanted us to be here and I think they wanted ‘The Rolling Stones,’ or us or whatever. A lot of the groups were scared to come here in the early days as it were. We took the plunge and look what happened!”

Oh, Freddie we love you and your wit!

Queen headlined two nights of the 10-day Rock In Rio festival in 1985, the biggest music festival in history to date. The band played on January 12th and 19th, (they hit the stage around 2am each night technically, dating the performances, respectively.)

They set a record for paying attendance, playing to 250,000 people each night – the biggest audiences they would ever play for. Some sources say the band played to as many as 350,000 (or even 470,000) on the first night. Absolutely incredible!

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