Freddie, “Chuffed!” Vulnerable and shy beneath his strong image….

“There was an incident very early in our career when Freddie was refused entry into a restaurant. He was wearing a jacket similar to the one pictured. It didn’t conform to that particular establishment’s idea of “wearing a formal jacket.”

Freddie, highly indignant, retorted with, “This is a be-oootiful jacket, something the likes of you could not possibly understand, and if you don’t like it, I’ll buy your fucking restaurant!” Funny, because this was at a time when actually we could hardly afford the meal, never mind the restaurant itself! But in Freddie’s mind we were always rich and successful – it was just a matter of time. He played the part, and in the end, the part became his life.”

Brian May
From Queen in 3D

Queen attended the very first ‘Britannia Awards’ on 17 October 1977 at Wembley Conference Centre where they won, ‘Best British Single of the past 25 years for ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ The event was transmitted live but only on radio at the time. Brian mentioned Freddie was interviewed after the awards and he was very proud of their achievement. Brian said, “Here’s Freddie with a fitting expression on his face.” Chuffed! The picture below gives you a clue just to how vulnerable and shy Freddie actually was beneath the strong image he projected. He was reminded by reminiscing at this photo that this was Freddie’s version of a ‘black tie’ affair. Lol 😂 The anecdote is refreshing and so Freddie

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