23 May, 1977, Queen performed @ Bristol Hippodrome in Bristol, UK

This first of two nights in Bristol opens an 11-show UK tour, known as the “Jubilee Tour” because the final shows at Earls Court would coincide with Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee.

Considering how popular Queen were by 1977, it’s surprising that they played in a venue with a capacity under 2000.

There is a very enthusiastic crowd tonight, and Freddie’s voice is in incredible shape. He especially stands out in White Queen, ‘Somebody To Love,’ ‘Death On Two Legs,’ and ‘Sweet Lady.’

Brian, after ‘Somebody To Love’: “Thank you for making that a hit. We do appreciate that, thank you. We’re gonna do some old songs and new songs mixed now, because a lot has changed. Ok, this is a song which begins like this.” Freddie then has the audience clap their way into the medley beginning with ‘Killer Queen.’ In the second verse, he sings, “Perfume came naturally from Bristol.”

Freddie, after the medley: “We really enjoy doing that medley, actually. It sort of gets.. we’re doing different numbers in it every time.” He means every tour, not every night, of course. Someone then shouts a request, and Freddie responds promptly. “Flick Of The Wrist – you got it.” Well, not exactly. “Actually, talking about.. that’s a good one. Talking about Flick Of The Wrist, we’d like to do another number in the same kind of torturous vein. We haven’t sort of done this in a long while. In fact, we only just recently introduced it into the set. It’s about a nasty little soul. It’s called ‘Death On Two Legs.’”

People shout for songs again after Sweet Lady, and Freddie briefly acknowledges them. “We’ll do Liar, don’t worry. We’d like to feature Brian May on the guitar for this next number. This is called ‘Brighton Rock.’”

Freddie, after a lovely version of ‘You Take My Breath Away’: “I’m not used to that. I tell you, it’s quite nerve-racking. You should try it some time. Ok, something in total contrast. I must tell you something about this next song. This is sort of two songs rolled into one. One we did in America and Japan, and all around the world and all that.. shit. We seem to be doing it better every night, and it really depends on the kind of audience you get. Tonight I guess we’ve got what we call a sophisticated rock audience. I really mean it [maybe – he did say this at plenty of other shows]. So glad you’ve remained in your seats, actually, for the first half, anyway. Ok, this is a song called ‘White Man.’”

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