What kind of person are you?
“How do you expect me to answer a question like that, dear! There are various aspects of me. The thing I treasure most, above music, is meeting people. I like being sociable, going out to functions and things and, generally, I’m likeable I think. But I can change and be very moody and obnoxious. I’m a sort of chameleon. Success is teaching me a lot of things and I’m adapting. You’ve got to learn to come up with decisions very quickly. There’s no beating about the bush in this business.”

  • Do you think you’re in control of the success trip?
    “We’re going to try to control it as much as we can. You’ve got to make sure that you don’t ever admit to yourself that this is your peak. If you admit to yourself that this your peak, then you’re on the way down. I really feel that we have so much more to offer. There’s masses waiting in store that we can give.”
  • How do you feel about the superstar label?
    “Honestly, labels like that are touch and go with us. We’ve been labelled so many different things and labels are as bad as they are good. If you took labels seriously, you’d be very silly. We were labelled ‘hype’ in the early days. We took offence, but we didn’t take it seriously because we knew what we were about.”
  • You told me earlier that you love affluence. Now that you’re on the way to becoming a very rich man, what are you going to do with your money?
    “Spend it, my dear. I’m the one member of the band for whom money isn’t very endearing. I’m the one who spends it straight off. It just goes. On clothes and I like nice things around me.”
  • Freddie Mercury, 12/21/1974, Melody Maker – by Caroline Coon
    Freddie Mercury: Queen Bee (extract)

Pic: 1974 – Freddie Mercury
Photo snapped by ©Michael Putland

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