3 November 1978, Queen performed at the Hollywood Sportatorium in Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA 🇺🇸 ‘Jazz’ Tour

Queen’s most recent hit single was a two-sided million-plus seller. The first side was ‘We Will Rock you,’ the second ‘We Are The Champions.’

Friday night at the Hollywood Sportatorium, the popular British band did the first and proved the second to a crowd medium in size but huge in enthusiasm. Stars of the show were Freddie Mercury’s singing voice, Brian May’s singing guitar and a powerful light show that was dramatic in its simplicity. Thick, solid stripes of red, green and white lights – 538 of them – hovered over the band, bathing the members in cascading visual waterfalls.

The middle of ‘Get Down, Make Love’ turned into a close encounter of the Queen kind as roving blue lights, the flashing overhead grid and burbling space music combined to suggest that Steven Spielberg’s mother ship might have landed on the roof.

Mercury delivered the vast majority songs in the two-hour set (there was no opening act). His voice held tiny hints of Burton Cummings and Robert Plant, but his unrelenting tenor still is one of rock’s unique vocal instruments.

May, with a strong underpinning from bassist John Deacon, and drummer Roger Taylor, provided the instrumental fire, whether in subdued, but shimmering acoustic guitar or the biting, racing lead of a song such as ‘Tie Your Mother Down.’

Queen played every song an audience full of fans could have hope for – ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘Killer Queen,’ ‘You’re My Best Friend,’ ‘It’s Late’ and more. Their musical versatility – and Queen’s majesty in concert – would seem to insure that they’ll keep rocking their fans for a very long time!

They most certainly have. 💛

Long Live Queen 👑

From ‘Queen Keeps Rocking On In Style’
The show at Hollywood, Sportatorium 3 November 78

The picture is from the ‘Jazz’ tour

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