Early Queen gig: 6 November 1972, Queen performed at the Pheasantry Club in London, England

In September 1972 Trident came to an agreement with Queen that they should be paying them something, even though no deals had yet been signed and no product was available. Much discussion ensued and various amounts of money were offered until, finally, Trident agreed to pay them £20 per week each. It wasn’t a vast amount by any standard, and as they all lived in rented accommodation-never cheap in London- it just about covered expenses and day-to-day living.

On November 1 1972 Queen agreed to sign a legal contract with Trident Audio Productions Ltd. The deal was that Queen would record for Trident, and Trident would get the best recording and distribution deal they could with a major record label. It was the first time an independent record production company had taken on full responsibility for a rock band, but Trident were confident of their reward.

Now that Queen had signed the contract, they were determined to make the most of it. They insisted that Barry and Norman Sheffield give them their maximum backing and commitment.

Trident booked Queen a gig on 6 November 1972 at a huge pub in the King’s Road, Chelsea, called the Pheasantry Club, inviting everyone and anyone from as many record companies as they knew.

On the night of the gig the PA didn’t turn up until about an hour before the show was due to start. John Deacon and John Harris (Queen’s very first roadie) spent a lot of time frantically trying to set it up, wiring up amps and the mixing desk and getting monitors to work so that at least the band could hear themselves even if the audience couldn’t hear the band. The PA episode had upset them and they didn’t play their best.

Norman Sheffield said the performance was “unpolished, scruffy around the edges.” Not one A & R guy turned up. It was a disco and once the disco music had stopped and Queen took the stage, everyone headed straight to the bar. There were only a few of the band’s friends left.

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