“I hate trying to analyse my songs to the full. You should never ask me that. My lyrics are basically for people’s interpretations. I will say as much as I can about certain songs I write, but in the end I don’t like to pull a song apart because I don’t even analyse them myself – I just sing them. I write them and record them and it’s up to the listener to take it the way he or she feels, otherwise I ruin a kind of mystique that might portray that track.

I hate doing that. People say, “What does that lyric mean?” I don’t like to explain what I was thinking when I wrote the song. “Does it means this, does it mean that?” is all anybody wants to know. F*** them darlings! I will say no more than what any decent poet would tell you if you dared ask him to analyse his work. If you see it, then it’s there. You interpret it how you want to. There’s no great big message. I try to conjure up something and get into a song, and then I hope that people will try to make up their own minds about it – which is a good thing.

That’s exactly what I feel like when I listen to anybody’s album. I like people to put their own interpretation on my songs. Really they are just little fairy stories.

Freddie Mercury