4 September 1984, Queen performed the first of Four SOLD-OUT shows at Wembley Arena, Wembley, London “The Works Tour”


At the point of the show where he dispels the rumours about the band breaking up, Freddie says, “If you want us to be here, we’ll be here every night. Otherwise forget it.”

Just before the big vocal intro to ‘It’s A Hard Life,’ tonight Freddie says, “I’m gonna try the f**king thing.” He hits the initial high notes, but he’s clearly starting to struggle with it now.

Brian says a few words before the acoustic portion of the evening. “It’s very nice to be back. We spend a lot of our time going all around the world, to all the four corners of this strange place that we live in, and when we come back here it’s… feels something special. I don’t know what it is. It’s home. We’re kind of more exposed and naked than anywhere else. I don’t know what it is, but it’s great. So this is something to listen to if you wanna cool down for a sec.” He then plays the intro to ‘Is This The World We Created.’

After the audience sing the second verse of ‘Love Of My Life’ on their own, Freddie happily says, “Wunderbar!” Tonight for the first time he sings “I still f**king love you” before the guitar break, something which he’d do pretty often from this point onward. He adds, “You better believe it.”

Most of the lights go out at some point during the guitar solo. After the Brighton Rock bit, Freddie inquires, “Something happen to our lights or something? Are the lights okay?” He then addresses the audience. “These million-dollar lights are f**ked up! The honest truth, can you believe it, we pay all this million pounds, or whatever you read about, for the lights, and there’s one plug that works the whole damn thing. And that’s got a fuse or something.” The show must go on, and the band have to make due with what few lights still work. “Well, we have three more here, and three over there, so… okay, we have ‘Hammer To Fall!’”

Before ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love,’ Freddie performs a short improvised version of The Crickets’ “Not Fade Away”, like he did in Stockholm ’82, but this time Roger adds some nice drum fills between lines. The last line is, “I’m gonna get you, I don’t know the words.”

Before launching into Crazy, he asks his long-standing head of the crew, “Did you tune this guitar, Ratty?” He jokingly adds, “Or I’ll kill you!”

The band really let it rip in ‘Jailhouse Rock.’ It’s surely one of the strongest, rocking versions of the song they ever played. Brian does some nice Jeff Beck-like whammy bar work in his solo.