Interviewer: You must have had a lot of self confidence?

Freddie: You have to have confidence in this business. It’s USELESS saying you don’t need it. If you start saying to yourself ‘maybe I’m not good enough, maybe I’d better settle for second place,’ it’s no good. If you like the icing on the top, you’ve got to have confidence. I was a precocious child. My parents thought boarding school would do me good so they sent me to one when I was seven, dear. I look back on it and I think it was marvellous. You learn to look after yourself and it taught me to have responsibility.

Interviewer: Your background is quite affluent then?

Freddie: No it wasn’t as affluent as people think. It was middle-class. But I suppose I gave the appearance of being affluent. I love that. I still do. It’s all part of how you feel and how you project yourself.

Interview Freddie Mercury December 1974

Picture of Freddie Mercury during ‘A Day At The Races’ Launch party, 23 September 1976, Photo by Watal Asanuma