15 December 1975, Queen performed @ The Apollo Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland – “A Night At The Opera’ Tour

Here’s a beautiful picture of Freddie with Amerina La Pollo and here’s her story:

December 15, 1975 – Queen played at the Apollo Theater Glasgow. The feeling I got I can’t explain. After the show I met Freddie and the rest of Queen and took pictures and autographs. I remember having butterflies in my belly. That day was like a dream. Freddie had a totally different shyness towards him than when he was on stage. I have wonderful memories of the many times I have a full photo album of Queen on stage and off from various years. Freddie was very shy as I said before. Freddie was just lovely with his fans. One of the times I met him he was joking with me. He was even more beautiful in real life, I kissed him and his skin felt as soft as velvet.

Credit to Amerina La Pollo

An extremely lucky lady to have met Freddie and Queen not just once but several times