Richard Young has been Freddie Mercury’s and Queen’s official photographer since 1978..

“Well I just found Freddie very generous, very kind and very lovely. He was a one-off rock icon — irreplaceable! He was the king of parties! His parties were always wild, full of laughter and unique.”

“His confidence was electric. His energy was inspiring, and he was one of the most professional people I’ve ever worked with.”

“When you were in Freddie’s inner circle you would always be given a nickname, mine was “Muriel” — after Muriel Young. This was after the TV presenter from the fifties, and Freddie would always say, ‘Come on Muriel!’ I loved it. I felt I was part of his family.”

Richard on Freddie’s famous 39th Drag Ball Birthday Party:

“It was one of the most amazing moments that happened with Freddie. He rang me around 1985. He said, “Richard, I want you to come to Munich; I want you to photograph my birthday party.” I said, “No problem, Freddie!” He said, “Everyone’s going to be in drag.” I said, “No problem!”

And then he said it again: “Everybody.” Which included me. My wife had to find me a dress, it was a size 10, which was quite a nice feeling. I went off to Munich, we all got made up, and had a wild party that went through the whole night.”

Richard Young interview with ‘Hero’ magazine