7 September 1986 – Freddie held a ”Silly Hat Party” Garden Lodge, Kensington, London in honor of his 40th birthday. Freddie hosted some extravagant parties!

During an interview with Jacky Smith in 2011, she was asked about particular memories that stand out while working with Queen:

“I’ve got Loads!! Parties, gigs… not easy to think of just one… how about Freddie’s 40th birthday party, it was a “Silly Hat Party” held at his house in Kensington. Later on in the evening I was sitting at the bar that was on the mezzanine of the house, above the living room. Freddie was behind the bar, serving us drinks! I don’t remember who else was sitting there, I have a feeling Jim Beach was one of them, and Rudi Dolezal I think, but I could be wrong! Anyway – Freddie was serving ice cold Stolichnaya vodka slammers. He would line them up, we would slam them and down them.

We were not allowed to leave until he had had enough. Many slammers later, he flounced out from behind the bar, as though he had drunk nothing, laughed at my attempts to get off my bar stool, and just said “you’re such lightweights”!!

By Jacky Smith, she has been running the Official Queen fan club for nearly 40 years. What an incredible job to have

Interview is from 2011