“If we were weird on stage, I don’t know what you ‘d say the Tubes would be. It is not a show full of bombs going off.
It is music that’s the key factor.
We’re aware that people have come to listen to our music.
We couple it with a bit of flashiness and the show business accoutrements that go with it. But the music is not just one big noise.
We can be very sophisticated; in fact, we are.”

“The best-known nonmusical trademark of the group is its black and white garb. “In the early days, we just wore black. It was very bold and theatrical. Then we introduced white, for variety, and it just grew and grew.”

“The last few years we haven’t had as much time as I ‘d like for a holiday. But when the wheels are turning, you can’t sit back”.
“We get back home and we have to start writing, which takes time, and routining for the next album. We ‘re finicky and fussy and have very high standards. It takes a while to get a quality batch of songs.”

And the name Queen? Mercury thought of it before they had a recording contract.

“I just felt it was strong and universal; it had a power and regal sense. It’s very hard to try and conjure up our kind of music in one word.
But our music is very powerful and at.times very regal. Actually, it’s just a name.”

➡️ Extract from interview 1976

  • The Advocate (OH) – British rock quartet
    British rock quartet known for black-white garb