Hero Magazine: What’s the difference between Freddie with his friends versus his on-stage persona?

Richard Young: As a performer, it was his stage and no one could get anywhere near it. You only have to look at Live Aid, where he stole the show. He was magical. When he comes off the stage, he’d sit down, relax, and within minutes he’d be back to Freddie funny-boy, having a great time laughing with all his mates.

HM: I heard you mention that you’re both virgos. Of course, zodiac is an important part of Queen, with their crest designed around each band members’ star sign.

RY: Yeah, he’s a virgo and I’m a virgo. We like everything in order, we don’t like confrontation, we’re very romantic, we’re very precise about the way we look. We try to be helpful, and we try to be generous and kind. That pretty much sums up Freddie. 💛

Freddie gave all of his friends in his inner circle nicknames; Freddie called Richard “Muriel” as in Muriel Young, the TV presenter from the 50s.

Richard Young interview Hero 2016

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