22 September 1984, Queen performed @ Europahalle, Hannover, Germany 🇩🇪 “The Works Tour””Könnt ihr mitsingen?” (Can you sing along) asks Brian in perfect German before ‘Love Of My Life.’ Freddie takes a nasty fall at the end of ‘Hammer To Fall,’ and re-injures his right knee (he took a blow to his knee several months earlier during a brawl at a bar in Munich). The crew and band thought this was part of his stage act until he signaled his bodyguard, Terry Giddings and assistant Peter Freestone to help him up,

then they knew he was in distress. The band convene for a couple minutes to discuss what will happen, and they decide to cut out a few songs. In considerable pain, Freddie belts out ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ ‘

We Will Rock You,’ and ‘We Are The Champions’ as best as he can from the piano. Freddie the ever consummate performer not wanting to let the fans or his band down, will give his all as usual to finish the show. Brian comes in a couple bars early for his ‘We Will Rock You’ solo, probably out of anxiousness to end the show so that Freddie can get the medical attention he needs.

Immediately after the show he is taken to a hospital nearby, his x-ray reveals no break but his leg would be bandaged for the rest of the European tour. From here onward the band would bring a physiotherapist on tour, and Freddie would continue to have troubles with his leg for quite some time. What an extraordinary musician! Legend