Late September 1986, These days, Freddie Mercury, Jim Hutton and Joe Fanelli go on a Japanese Holiday….Our hostess during our Japanese tour was Misa Watanabe, she handled all of Queens affairs in Japan. Freddie bought her an exquisite Lalique lead Crystal vase as a present. It was made in France but prohibitively expensive to buy in Japan. The vase was far too delicate to be entrusted to baggage handlers, so we took it with us as hand luggage. But when we went through security, to Freddie’s annoyance,

the vase failed to show up on the x-ray machine and the security people demanded we open it. We flew out first-class on a direct twelve-hour Japan Airlines flight to Tokyo. When we touched down at about four in the afternoon local time, Misa Watanabe, a slight, stylish woman in her forties, was waiting to greet us. She’d also arranged for a small contingent of hysterical Freddie fans to be there too. Freddie introduced me with: ‘This is Jim, my new man.’ Also waiting at the airport was another trusted friend of his, Mr. Itami, a former bodyguard who owned a private security company and always looked after Freddie in Japan. Freddie gave Misa her beautiful gift and apologized for the horrible appearance since it was partially opened and not tidy but she was absolutely thrilled! Jim Hutton 🌹♥️(Freddie always the sweet generous man)Misa Watanabe was in charge of music publishing for Queen in Japan. She was also Freddie’s personal guide during his many, many visits to the country. She and her husband owned huge chunks of the place, he was Mr. Sunto