“In the dressing room at the start of the ‘Hot Space’ tour, I joked with Freddie: “You know, it’s going to get a little confusing with two ‘Freddies’ on the tour… I think you are going to have to change your name”. He laughed and we really hit it off after that. After a while he started messing around and making me wear his leather jackets because he didn’t think I had a good enough stage outfit…

Freddie was the whole package and there’s nobody like him. He was an incredible musician with unsurpassed vocals. Freddie’s whole concepts and influences were extremely wide and yet he was unique. He was a great piano player and I appreciated firsthand just how well he functioned while playing complicated tunes with first grade vocals on top.”

Fred Mandel (Canadian Session musician)
November 2020 ‘On The Spot’

Freddie is pictured with Fred’s daughter Cara Mandel