6 February 1976, Queen performed their second Sold-Out show at New York’s legendary Beacon Theater

Queen quickly sold out the three planned dates and a fourth night was added due to extremely high ticket demand!

Highlights of the legendary concert:

Freddie, after ‘Sweet Lady’: “I’d like to drink a little toast. Cheers, everybody. Cheers, New York! And may you all have shampers tonight. And this… listen to me.” The audience are getting a bit rowdy. “You got to listen to this one. It’s a delicate, tender little number. It’s called ‘White Queen’.”

Brian, after ‘White Queen’: “You’ve got loads of energy. That’s good, you’re gonna need it. A lot of energy. This a little song about… a man with dubious morals. It’s called ‘Flick Of The Wrist’.”

Freddie: “Thank you, my darlings. You’re very welcome here, and we can see we’re gonna have fun. We’re now going to do a little medley for you. It comprises of about four pieces from all our albums, and we’re gonna start off with a little special number. It’s released in this country. It’s a segment from a number called ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.”

Freddie, after ‘Brighton Rock’: “Thank you, Brian May on guitar. He might take a bow.” Audience members are heard shouting for ‘Liar’. Someone calls out for “anything from Queen 1.” Freddie continues, “We’re now gonna do a number that’s written by Brian on the new album, ‘A Night At The Opera’. It took ages to record and it’s very tricky, but we’ve adapted the song for the stage. It’s called ‘The Prophet’s Song’.” Brian has some trouble getting his guitar in tune.

Freddie sings a bit of Frère Jacques with the delay in his solo spot in ‘The Prophet’s Song’, and it is well appreciated by the audience.

After a blistering version of ‘Stone Cold Crazy,’ the same few audience members keep shouting out for songs from the debut album. Freddie tries to introduce the next song but feels the need to address the audience more personally: “Thank you very much. We shall always remember New York. We’re coming back here tomorrow and the day after. And now we’d like to do something from our very first album. Do you remember that one?” Freddie asks the audience for requests, and most people shout for ‘Liar,’ which he acknowledges, like at most shows. One person shouts for ‘Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll’, but the band won’t play that one tonight. “Tell you what, here’s a little surprise for you,” says Freddie before he starts the piano intro of ‘Doing All Right’. “I like this song,” states an audience member.

What an amazing show to have witnessed