there’s a kind of magic in the air(Dreaming)What a truly magnificent view(Dreaming)A breathtaking sceneWith the dreams of the worldIn the palm of your hand”‘A WINTER’S TALE’ Extract, from ‘Made In Heaven’ album released in November 1995- Written by Freddie Mercury🔸Freddie wrote the song in Montreux, in a little house on the lake that we called The Duck House. The extraordinary thing is he’s talking about life and its beauty at a time when he knows

he hasn’t got very long to go, yet there’s no wallowing in emotion, it’s just absolutely purely observed- Brian May, Mojo magazine Montreux, Switzerland, in late 70s – Freddie Mercury looking out from the boathouse, which is part of the holiday home: ‘The Duck House’ is a 5-room villa surrounded by a 1800 square meter garden