“I do enjoy the studio, yes. It’s the most strenuous part of my career. It’s so exhausting, mentally and physically. It drains you dry. I sometimes ask myself why I do it. After ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ we were insane and said never again. And then look what happens!”Were you desperate to get into a studio in your early days?“I think that is the basis of Queen actually. We were very, very meticulous. That has now become an obsession in a funny way, for want of a better word. It’s subconscious now, but we feel that we have to better that past standard we’ve created. Otherwise they’ll say, God, look at what they did on ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ and look at what they’re churning out now. And you have to supercede it for your own satisfaction.“But I did discipline myself… Take vocals, because they’re my forté – especially harmonies and those kind of things.

On Queen II we’ve gone berserk. But on this album I consciously restricted myself. That’s brought the songwriting side of it across, and I think those are some of the strongest songs we’ve ever written.”“I’ve just heard we’ve sold out the first three days in New York (Beacon Theater, February 5-7, the 8th was added due to extremely high ticket demand). We were going to do a big one, but John [Reid, Queen’s manager] decided it would be better to play several small ones. Because our stage act works well in that size hall just now, and it’s nice to take it over to America in that capacity…” Freddie Mercury Interview Sounds Magazine 1976