8 February 1976, Queen performed their fourth and final evening at the Legendary Beacon Theatre in New York City, NY, USA 🇺🇸 “A Night At The Opera Tour”Cate Brothers opened Queen completely sold-out four consecutive evenings in a row! This is their final night in the ‘Big Apple’ 🍎 According to a fan who saw all four nights: “During each show Freddie flipped a deck of cards towards the audience during one of the later songs in the set. He flipped the cards in the air, littering the stage, where they were in short order joined by rose petals and assorted props and forgotten.

On the last night, I went down to the front of the stage where I saw the cards up close – there were about 20 or so littering the stage – each card was the Queen of Hearts.” Freddie had an interview the next day at his hotel and explained a scary situation that happened to him outside the Beacon:“My very promising pop career nearly came to an untimely end last night. Two young girls outside the theatre decided to claim my scarf as a souvenir. They quite forgot that it was still wrapped around my neck at the time, and they very nearly strangled me!”He was left with some bruisingThe article is attached, his name is misspelled on the heading 🙄