14 February 1986, Queen film the promotional video for ‘Princes of The Universe’ @ Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, London, UK. It was Directed by ‘Highlander’ director Russell Mulcahy and Christopher Lambert

This was a somewhat innovative idea: whilst many videos made for songs which featured in movies contained clips from the films themselves (as ‘Princes Of The Universe’ did), to actually have the star of the film on set interacting with the band was a very rare occurrence – but appear he did. Lambert flew from his home in Paris especially, to reprise his role as Connor MacLeod, engaging in a sword fight against Freddie and his trusty microphone stand.

The set of the video itself was on an epic scale: recreating the rooftop location from the finale, and the crumbling castle in which Sean Connery and Clancy Brown fight midway through the film… giving Brian May arguably his most “80’s” moment as he stands astride the staircase, twiddling away at the song’s guitar solo as the walls behind him collapse and wind swirls around him.