Behind the flamboyant stage persona, Freddie Mercury was a shy and private man. His sister fondly remembers her beloved older brother as she’s in her kitchen in her Nottinghamshire home, which was spotless, although warm and lived-in. Kashmira smiles as she speaks of a memory, He couldn’t even boil an egg,

so he charmed other people into doing everything for him.’ Once, in a previous home, Mercury had surprised Kashmira and her husband, Roger, when he called them up from Los Angeles to hear the couple sounding glum.‘We had the builders in,’ explains Roger, ‘and they didn’t seem to be getting anywhere, and he could tell that Kash was really fed up.

He just said, “Have the kitchen on me – replace the lot.” Kash said, “Are you sure? It’ll cost thousands.” And Freddie said, “But darling, I’ve got millions. Have it!’”This speaks volumes about Freddie Mercury – his overwhelming generosity, coupled with camp insouciance. ‘We don’t want to wax lyrical about him,’ says Roger, ‘but he really was a very kind, warm-hearted person.’ Mail on Sunday – November 2000

We always love the sweet Freddie stories. He truly was a genuine, loving man. We never get enough stories