19 February 1987 – Freddie Mercury records another version of ‘Rachmaninov’s Revenge’ with Mike Moran at Towhouse Studios in London. It was originally a virtuoso piano piece by Moran with some high vocals from Mercury, it was called, “Rachmaninov’s Revenge,” then, “The Duet” and finally “The Fallen Priest” when Tim Rice wrote the lyrics for the song. This fantastic piece was recorded after the Garden Lodge home recordings; the song is taking shape. All that’s left are the lyrics, which are still very loose and improvised. Here’s the second version which features a more muted instrumental performance suitable to the released version, though the lyrics still haven’t been finalized, with Freddie providing appropriate falsetto vocalisations where he intended Montserrat would feature.

Shortly after this basic run-through was recorded, he presented the work-in-progress to Sir Tim Rice, who wrote a set of lyrics; thus, the retitle to the more dramatic and ominous “The Fallen Priest”. Mike Moran produced it, conducted the orchestra, wrote the arrangements and played piano and keyboards. The ending piano riff bears a strong resemblance to the ending of the first movement of Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2 (Hence the name). The final version will become a highlight of the ‘Barcelona’ album and the B-side of “The Golden Boy” single, with Freddie’s voice meshing perfectly with Montserrat Caballé, creating six of the most moving minutes ever to be caught on tape.(Source: Queen – The Complete Works)Freddie is preparing songs and anxiously awaiting his meeting with Montserrat Caballé (about a week later, after working this song) 💛Rachmaninov’s Revenge (The Fallen Priest) is Written by Freddie Mercury/Mike Moran/Sir Tim RiceThis particular recording only contains Freddie’s voice and not Montserrat’s. This track appears on: Freddie Mercury; The Solo CollectionHere’s the clip 👇https://youtu.be/OUqrZARrAGIThis beautiful picture is a still from ‘The Great Pretender’ February 1987