24 September 1984, Queen performed @ Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany “The Works Tour”This concert is two days after Freddie slipped and fell, re-aggravating an old right knee injury. Thankfully, he didn’t suffer a break but he will have to try and take it easy the remainder of the tour. A physiotherapist will now travel with the band for Freddie. He is a dedicated warrior and will not back out of the tour. Unstoppable. We already know he’s phenomenal.

This is a great show, with Freddie giving one of his best performances of the year. Overall the band sound very strong, as always in 1984. The boys deliver a stupendous performance of ‘Love Of My Life,’ and before the guitar interlude half way through the audience give Freddie and Brian quite the ovation! The lovely photos were taken by Thomas Pannenberg and are copyrighted to him.