“Freddie and I were kindred spirits. What I liked most was his modesty. A lot of people in pop act as stars almost all the time, but Freddie was never like that. Even now when I speak to you there is his kind face in front of my eyes asking me if he was not perhaps bothering me, if I liked his record and so on. He never thought it was understandable that everyone has a duty to serve him and he was never making parade of his fame. Freddie was very human. He was always trying to comply with a person’s wishes and he wanted to have someone who would love him. He impressed everyone, even the people who hated people. He was a strong personality who really knew how to fascinate people, in a good sense of that word. An amazing personality.”

Tony Pike (22 February 1934 – 24 February 2019)
Owner of the infamous ‘Pikes Hotel’ In Ibiza and friend of Freddie’s