February 1980 – Queen Story!
Queen scored their first No 1 in the USA with ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’, written by Freddie Mercury and taken from “The Game” album, 1980

We cruised with a smile on our faces into the east of the city and our Hilton home. Fred was reinstalled in his grand suite and wanted to take a bath before going to the studio. I called Musicland and announced that ‘his self’ was now back and would shortly be arriving. Fred was humming and tapping in the bath and shouting out the names of chords: ‘D – yes, and C and G – Ratty, quick – come here!’ ‘Uh, you want me to come into your bathroom, Fred? I’m not sure about this.’ ‘No, no! Get me a guitar! Now!’ He emerged from the bathroom wrapped in towels, still dripping, and scurried into the living room of the suite where I gave him the battered acoustic that had been installed for these impulsive creative moments. Fred strummed away for a short time with his fingers – he never used a pick or plectrum, even on stage. Seizing the urgency of the moment, Fred insisted we make a dash to Musicland where a halt was called to whatever work was in progress. He summoned the band into the studio and enthused about tperiod w idea, which they started to work on and record immediately. The song was ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’, one of Queen’s most successful worldwide singles.
It was a privilege to have been there with him”

  • Peter Hince
    Extract from Queen Unseen book

🎬 Screenshot: 1979 – Queen filmed video for “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” at Trillion Studios, London, UK, with director Dennis De Vallance