The actual title was a favorite phrase of Anita’s (Dobson), a very ambitious girl: ‘I want it all, and I want it now ‘… We were never able to perform this song live. It would have become something of the staple core of the Queen show, I’m sure, very participatory. It was designed for the audience to sing along to, very anthemic.” “I suppose this song reestablishes our old image in a way. It’s nice to come back with something strong. Something that reminds people we’re a live group. I don’t think we’re a singles band, really. Just before we put the single out I started listening to what’s on the radio, and the kind of stuff that becomes a hit these days bears no resemblance to what we do. People only remember the hits, but I suppose we have done okay.” Brian May In May of 1989,

Queen’s bombastic, quintessentially lead single from The Miracle album, ‘I Want It All’ was released as their 32nd UK single. This was the first time that Queen put out vinyl and CD single formats. The band had been been absent from the countdown for more than two and a half years. But that didn’t stop them from releasing five hit singles from their thirteenth studio album, ‘The Miracle’ in just seven months! “I Want It All” added another signature anthem to Queen’s catalog as it climbed to the No. 3 slot on the US Billboard’s mainstream rock singles chart – #3 in their native U.K. and certifying silver!