3 March 1986 – Queen film the ‘hobo’ footage for ‘A Kind Of Magic’ promo video, at the disused Playhouse Theatre in London’s Northumberland Avenue at Charing Cross. It was directed by Russell Mulcahy

The video was Queen’s first to include animation since ‘Save Me,’ with computer graphics bringing the characters from the cover of the new album to dazzling life as, among other things, the band’s backing singers.

The theatre was once used by the BBC to record programming for radio, and this was the inspiration for the video itself – Freddie is the magician who returns to the abandoned theatre where he was once a star and turns three down-and-out squatters (Brian, Roger and John) into his band. The shoot itself was somewhat less magical – the theatre lacked central heating and was very cold, much to the discomfort of the band and the crew.

The results spoke for themselves however – the single was an enormous hit, reaching number three in the UK singles charts in March of 1986, and hitting number one in no less than 35 other countries – helped in no small part by both the Highlander connection and the promotional video, which proved so popular that it was released as a VHS video single (the first of its kind) in October of 1986 together with the promo for Who Wants To Live Forever.

That, and it’s just a damn catchy song. 💛👑💛

👉👉 https://youtu.be/0p_1QSUsbsM