An extremely lucky fan meets Freddie Mercury and John Deacon after Queen’s show in Mar Del Plata, Argentina 🇦🇷 4 March 1981… Alicia Villar was 19 years old when Queen came to Mar del Plata. She got a very good place to see Queen, right to the front of the stage. The following day she would be privileged to meet Freddie and John in the foyer of the Provincial Hotel thanks to a chain of lucky events.“Two journalists from Pelo magazine told us Queen were staying at the Provincial Hotel. We went to a disco with them and they asked us if we wanted to meet Queen. We thought they were joking, but we arranged to meet at 5 the following day at the hotel. The show had been completely atypical for Mar del Plata at that moment as not many important bands visited…let alone one as big as Queen.”

The two girls arrived early and they noticed a lot of people –most of them women- outside the hotel. Once inside, they met the two journalists.Then Freddie showed up surrounded by a group of people and bodyguards. He saw there were many people outside and waited on a side, Alicia remembers she couldn’t forget the image of her idol sheltered by the staircase. It was just amazing! Osvaldo, one of the journalists who spoke better English, asked her if she wanted to try to get a pic. She said yes and the journalist approached one of the guards to try to get the photo. He got a resounding NO as an answer. He waited some minutes and tried again. The refusal was even more aggressive and hostile, so much that it caught Freddie’s attention who got near to see what was happening.Freddie separated from the group and extended her his hand and apologized for the outburst. He also said he was pleased to have his picture taken with her, which her friend took. He excused himself and went to his room. They walked embraced to the lift and they said goodbye. “We went to the lift through a long corridor and he tickled me and laughed a lot”, remembers Alicia, still amazed by his reaction. “He appreciated I wasn’t invasive, he was very affectionate with me and probably inspired him some tenderness as I blushed”.She then waited for the rest of the band and met John and his family. An incredible story she cherishes to this day. Thank you Alicia for the memories and pictures