9 March 1987 – Freddie Mercury and Mike Moran continue to work on new tracks at Town House Studios in London. The two demos recorded, “Yellow Breezes” and “Holding On”

Freddie began recording several demos that were never quite finished. It was unknown if he was planning on contributing them to the upcoming Queen sessions for ‘The Miracle’ or perhaps ‘Innuendo’ or if he planned on recording another solo project. These tracks remained unpublished until 2000 when they were included on ‘The Freddie Mercury Solo Collection.’

The poppy and fun track ‘Yellow Breezes’ is one of the more interesting compositions to be released on ‘The Solo Collection.’ It was recorded during the sessions for ‘Barcelona’ on the 9th of March 1987 at Townhouse Studios in London, but is the polar opposite of the sound Freddie was trying to achieve on that album. It’s a one-off track that was recorded after the release of “The Great Pretender” single.

Largely improvised with Mike Moran on keyboards, David Richards providing the drum programming and Erdal Kizilkay on bass, the song is a showcase of Kizilkay, who features prominently.

The song has a slight Caribbean tone (with Freddie making a reference to John Deacon’s 1977 composition “Who Needs You”, with the line “Oh muchachos!”) Freddie’s own improvisation.

Lasting over five minutes, the song is interesting though inconsequential, but is definitely worth a listen.

This demo was written by Freddie Mercury and Mike Moran

“Holding On” is another demo recorded during the same session as “Yellow Breezes” It was written by Freddie Mercury

This powerful song was recorded on the 9th of March 1987 at Townhouse Studios during the ‘Barcelona’ sessions (but not intended for that particular album), with Erdal Kizilkay on bass guitar, David Richards on drum programming and Mike Moran on keyboards. Kizilkay is a multitalented musician who had just contributed a slew of instruments on David Bowie’s ‘Never Let Me Down’ (also produced by David Richards at Mountain Studios), contributed the funky bass line, and Freddie was so inspired by Kizilkay that he delivered the spirited, improvised vocals.

Unfortunately, the track was never completed, and forgotten in favour of stronger material when Queen reconvened the following year to record ‘The Miracle.’
‘Holding On’ was finally released in 2000 on “The Freddie Mercury Solo Collection.”

Source: ‘Queen – The Complete Works’

Here’s “Yellow Breezes”

Here’s “Holding On”